Corporate social responsibility (CSR)


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) comes from our core values and believes that every individual is capable of contributing to the wellbeing of the society. By conducting a variety of public serving events that attending to the personal growth and development of participants, leading to the overall prosperity of the community.

  • EQ cafes:
    Quarterly held interactive café to practice emotional intelligence. With insights and answers to important questions of different life based themes.
  • Regular get together and reflection groups:
    Offering a space for individuals where they can reflect and have deep discussions about emotional intelligence and wellbeing related subjects.
  • Indigo’s EQ community:
    A Facebook group for EQ workshops participants where they get to interact, expand their knowledge updates about emotional Intelligence and share EQ based information. In addition, discuss the latest researches, and elaborate more about the different information provided during the training workshops.
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